Why do Americans call it soccer instead of football? Blame it on the British. In the 1800’s, the British started playing a number of versions of football and came up with names to differentiate them, namely ‘rugby football’ and ‘association football’. Americans went on to reinvent these two sports, one of which became American football, while ‘association football’ adopted the name of soccer.

Soccer is played all over the country, so there are ample opportunities to find a team to suit your skills and level, from top-level high school teams to Division 1, 2, or 3 collegiate teams. Soccer is mainly a fall sport and the high school/college competition season is short and intense, beginning in late August and lasting until the end of November.

Soccer at high school level can be played via school teams or local clubs. Both will work to develop skills to help get athletes recognized by college and university coaches.

High school offers two levels – Junior Varsity and Varsity.  JV teams are mainly made up of younger players; talented JV players are often backup for Varsity players.

Varsity teams will be made up of the oldest and most talented payers. Varsity teams will play in national competitions.

College-level soccer can be played at 2-year junior colleges and 4-year colleges and universities. JuCo compete in their own conferences, while 4-year institutions will offer NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 competition for both men and women.


Bart Muns – Soccer

Bart played soccer for Southeastern Community College in 2019 and 2020. He is continuing his academic and soccer career at Santa Barbara City College as of Fall 2021!
Read all about his adventures and the latest news here!

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Hugo Chen – Soccer

#Congrats to our French student-athlete Hugo Chen from Thailand who will be studying and playing soccer in the UK as of Fall 2021.

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Gilian Buijk his experience at George Mason University

Gilian his story on four years of college adventure at George Mason University.

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Bart Muns wins the 2021 NJCAA DII National Championship!

Congrats to our Dutch soccer player Bart Muns and his team at Southeastern Community College in Iowa for winning the 2021 NJCAA DII National Championship!

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Placements – Soccer

Bart Muns

Southeastern Community College, 2020

Shams El-Akawaby

Clayton State University, 2016

Ruben Duk

University of San Francisco, 2014

Pim Boonstra

University of Missouri St. Louis, 2016

Pim Duisenberg

University of Rio Grande, 2016

Hessel Tromp

Santa Barbara City College, 2016

Joost Kuyper

California State University in Long Beach, 2013

Vincent de Jonge

Concordia University, 2016

Gideon Davidson

Southwestern University, 2016

Felix Klos

Middlebury College, 2010

Duco van der Wolde

Cornell College, 2016

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