About us

Welcome to UStudy Sports: the unique sports branch of UStudy, the education consultancy for studying abroad. We are unparalleled in our ability to assess high schools, colleges and universities on their sport and academic level, scholarship opportunities, surroundings, atmosphere, etc. We have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of quality sports and academic programs in various countries and have excellent contacts with both sports coaches and admissions officers & financial aid officers. We are also effective at securing interesting sports and academic scholarships and other financial arrangements. From 2005 onwards, UStudy Sports has advised and placed many hundreds of athletes, at all levels of competition and from a wide range of countries.

We put our knowledge and experience to work for you. We offer a unique mentor program that pays close attention to your sports ambitions and development, while still serving your academic goals. Our professional experts are at your service: academic advisers, sports mentors, sports psychologists, college guidance & career coaches, application advisers and test prep tutors. 

What really sets us apart is our ability to fully immerse ourselves in your athletic and academic aspirations and the unique possibilities that suit your needs. We guide and supervise you through the application process, from writing essays, securing recommendations, as well as drafting an academic resume for you. We will also keep in touch with you once you’re in the US and advise you when necessary. 

Step by step, we work together on finding the perfect match. Our goal is to ensure that your adventure abroad is not only unforgettable but will provide you with a valuable diploma or degree and a fantastic sports experience.