“Pros start at Tormenta FC; this is an opportunity of a lifetime!” Isabel said.

Isabel Kopp has had a well-traveled soccer career. Born in The Netherlands, Kopp was raised with a passion for the beautiful game flowing through her veins. After realizing the depths of her love for futbol, she decided to take her talents to the next level to the United States in 2019. Initially, Isabel only wanted to play in America for a year, but she decided to extend her stay after an incredible experience in Junior College. 

Isabel started her collegiate career in Texas, playing for Tyler Junior College. Kopp became a back-to-back NJCAA Division I National Champion in 2019 and 2020-21. With multiple international teammates, Kopp was able to feel welcomed and settled in perfectly to life as a college athlete in the United States. 

After winning the 2019 NJCAA  National Championship, Isabel and her team ran it back in 2020-21 in hopes of repeating last year’s success. 

 “At the beginning, my idea was to be in the United States for a year, as I wanted to experience women’s soccer culture in the United States,” Isabel said. “I committed to Tyler Junior College, where I built lifelong memories.”

Isabel recalls her family being an unbelievable support system from The Netherlands as the playoffs came with many physical and emotional tolls. However, the time difference between Texas and The Netherlands never stopped her family from supporting Isabel in whatever way possible.

As the final whistle blew of the championship match, Isabel ran over to hold up her Dutch flag, which she had carried with her through all her soccer travels. Her country pride and support from her family helped Isabel earn two national titles and aspire to play professionally in the United States. 

Kopp transferred to Georgia Southern University after two years with Tyler JC. 

Although Tyler JC was very successful in their division, she found that GSU hosted a higher level of competition. In addition, Kopp found that Division I soccer had a new level of endurance and physicality required to compete, which excited Isabel.

“Pros start at Tormenta FC; this is an opportunity of a lifetime!” Isabel said.

Kopp was added to Tormenta FC’s W League roster and currently plays a pivotal role for Tormenta FC as the team fights for the South Central Division title. Playing at Tormenta FC has helped Kopp realize that her dream of playing professional soccer is possible. 

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