Tailored Program

With the Tailored Program we help you with the entire process from school selection up to and including departure.

It starts with an inventory of your ambitions and wishes, followed by the search and selection of educational institutions that are a good match academically, sports wise and in terms of scholarships. We will then help you with all the documents for the application procedure at the selected institution(s), ensuring that you have completed all the necessary paperwork until your departure abroad.

We take you by the hand, ensure that your dossier looks perfect and that all steps in the process take place carefully and on time.

These are the most important steps in the Tailored Program:


Defining your goals and ambitions 

The important first step on the path to a successful placement.

  • We inform you about the education and athletic system of the country you wish to apply for
  • We see you as both a student AND an athlete
  • We work with you to determine your long-term objectives
  • We discuss with you different routes to achieve your goals
  • We provide you with honest feedback on athletic and academic abilities and potential


Putting together your athletic and academic profile

We collect and highlight your athletic achievements and academic results. This gives coaches and admission officers a strong first impression of you as a student-athlete.

  • We create an athletic resume with you and turn it into a professional brochure
  • We create an academic resume with you which helps you stand out above the rest
  • We translate your high school (and college) transcripts into English, calculate the best GPA possible and provide a grade conversion table
  • We translate your diploma(s)




Preparing for entrance tests: TOEFL / IELTS, SAT / ACT, GRE / GMAT

  • We provide practice material for test preparation
  • We support you in the process of applying for test disability accommodations
  • We can offer you individualized (online) test preparation (additional cost involved)




Finding the perfect match for you

Based on your wishes, we look into school options, taking into account: academic/athletic level, school location and size, number of students, scholarship opportunities, housing options, school culture, urban or rural location, etc.

We make contact with coaches at schools that match your profile and wishes. We take into consideration both your athletic abilities AND the best academic fit (just one is not enough!).

We provide you with detailed information on each program and school that looks of interest to you.

  • We have placed hundreds of student-athletes, and know first-hand the qualities of schools abroad
  • We have an extensive network and personal contact with hundreds of admission officers and athletic coaches in all disciplines




Scholarships (athletic, academic, and other)

  • We identify multiple funding options for you to make studying abroad affordable
  • We support you with obtaining an athletic scholarship, academic scholarship, and/or a need based financial aid packet




In contact with coaches

You will find out if an athletic program and school fits your aspirations and ambitions by getting to know the coach and other members of the program. Online video calls and (optional) campus visits can help you on your way.

  • We help you prepare to ‘present yourself at your best’ and to ask the right questions to get the most out of each contact moment
  • We coach you on building a relationship with coaches to secure the best options possible, including a scholarship




Application and paperwork

We guide you through the application process, including all necessary paperwork.

  • We provide you with detailed instructions on how to apply to specific schools
  • We keep in touch with the athletic coaches and admission officers to make your process as smooth as possible
  • We coach you in writing and editing your personal essay(s)
  • We advise your current coaches and school teachers on how to write great recommendation letters
  • We translate recommendation letters, disability reports and anything else needed
  • We help you prepare for alumni interviews
  • We answer your questions about athletic scholarships, academic scholarships, need-based financial aid/financial certification
  • We help you secure your NCAA or NAIA eligibility, if applicable




Housing, insurance, and visa

Almost there! Do not forget to register for on-campus housing and arrange the necessary insurances. International students also need a visa to study abroad.

  • We advise you which insurance companies offer plans specifically for student-athletes
  • We provide you with detailed information about the visa application process and prepare you for your consular visit




Ready to start your adventure abroad!

After all your hard work, you are ready to take off and start a new adventure.

  • We stay in touch with you, supporting your academic, athletic, and personal development. We are there for you when you need us!