Finding scholarships to fund your dream
Making the best match for you

Finding the best match

“The possibilities for combining a study abroad with sports are endless.”

The beautiful campuses and amazing sports facilities are hard to resist. But not all high schools, colleges, and universities are equal. Are you truly aware of what you are saying ‘yes’ to?

The differences in curriculum and athletic levels can be vast. This is where our knowledge and years of experience can make a real difference. What sets us apart is that we leave no stone unturned in our desire to fulfill your needs and wishes. In this way we are able to provide you with the best possible match.

What are your goals and ambitions? We supply the opportunities!

UStudy Sports supports, guides, and places all level of athletes – from ambitious amateurs to Olympic hopefuls.

We are experts in helping you realize your dreams! We help you find your spot – the place where your academic and athletic talents can flourish and come into their own.

We offer a unique mentorship program, focusing on your athletic ambitions and development while simultaneously making sure you reach your educational goals. Our experts are ready to help you! Schedule a meeting with our study and athletic adviser.

We know better than anyone how to navigate the world of academic and sports scholarships and help you find other financial resources needed to make your dreams come true.

We are proud to have supported athletes from Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Malta, Thailand, Vietnam and The United States. We have placed athletes not only in the United States, but also in countries like Canada, the UK and Spain.



UStudy is happy to announce a partnership with Educational Testing Service (ETS) Global. ETS Global offers a wide range of Language Assessments like the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests as well as preparation tools and learning solutions for non-native speakers

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‘De do’s and don’ts bij cijferlijsten voor een Amerikaanse universiteit’

Informatief interview met UStudy directeur Marina Meijer over cijferlijsten voor Amerikaanse universiteiten.

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Webinar ‘Studiebeurzen in de VS’

Op maandagavond 27 november 2023 organiseert UStudy een webinar over de financieringsmogelijkheden van het studeren in de VS. Het webinar is bedoeld voor ouders van leerlingen op de middelbare school.

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Webinar Taking The New TOEFL Test

This webinar, organized by UStudy, will provide information about the TOEFL iBT® test and its recent enhancements, including the added ‘Writing for an Academic Discussion’ task.

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Your options

1. Consultation

We can answer your questions and inform you about the different educational and athletic opportunities abroad. Schedule a meeting with our academic and athletic adviser Marina Meijer.   

2. Tailored Program

With the Tailored Program we help you with the entire process from school selection up to and including departure. Let our experienced application advisers take you by the hand!

3.  Go USA Get
Recruited Program     

When participating in the Get Recruited Program (USA only!), we provide a list of coaches who are interested in recruiting you. Participation is on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

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About us

Welcome to UStudy Sports: the unique sports branch of UStudy, the education consultancy for studying abroad. We are unparalleled in our ability to assess high schools, colleges and universities on their sport and academic level, scholarship opportunities, surroundings, atmosphere, etc. We have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of quality sports and academic programs in various countries and have excellent contacts with both sports coaches and admissions officers & financial aid officers. We are also effective at securing interesting sports and academic scholarships and other financial arrangements. From 2005 onwards, UStudy Sports has advised and placed many hundreds of athletes, at all levels of competition and from a wide range of countries.

Get in touch - we are looking forward to meeting you!

Student stories

“Show up, work hard and make it about the team” – Milan van der Breggen

Valuable advice to all baseball student-athletes on their way to study and play ball in the US from Milan van der Breggen. Milan speaks from experience, having studied and played baseball for two years at Indian Hills Community College in Iowa, then transferring to Oakland City University in Indiana to complete his bachelor’s degree.

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My story at Lehigh University: Sarah Bonthuis

I am Sarah Bonthuis and I am currently studying
at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where I combine my studies with hockey in
the college hockey team. I am writing this experience story after my last season as senior (fourth year).

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Sanne Bloemendaal: my story as a student-athlete in Division III

I am a senior at Drew University, a small liberal arts college right outside of New York City. I am majoring in International Relations and Business with a minor in Law, Justice, and Society. I am currently the captain of the women’s tennis team, president of the International Student Association at Drew, and work as a writing tutor. I have experienced some really great things during my years at Drew so far which have helped me develop as a student, an athlete, and a person.

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Alhassan Barrie looks back on his time playing basketball in America

From the day that Alhassan could hold a basketball in his hands as a little boy, he dreamt of playing basketball in America. “It’s every basketball player’s dream to play in the States,” he adds with a big smile.

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Boaz Santibáñez Yáñez

The Hoosac School and Layton Christian Academy

Marina has been of tremendous help in finding a suitable school in America for my son. Thanks to her, his dream of playing basketball in America has come true. She facilitated conversations with various schools and coaches, allowing us to choose the best option. Furthermore, she guided us through the administrative process. Marina was always available to answer our questions and provide further assistance. She is pleasant to work with, efficient, and detail-oriented. If you are looking for a school in America or Canada, I highly recommend her services!


Anne Geurts

Jacksonville University

Marina and the UStudy organization provided our daughter with helpful, professional, and transparent guidance. The support from Amy and Marina at UStudy ensured that our daughter ended up at a university where she fits in perfectly, both in terms of her rowing level and academics. We would not have been able to navigate this search and find the perfect match on our own.