American Football

Men only

Known as football outside of Europe, this is by far the most popular team sport in the US, drawing large crowds for youth, high school, college, and professional teams.

More than a million high school students play American football all over the country.    

Not all junior colleges offer a football program, but those that do will also provide their athletes with the opportunity to been seen by Division 1 schools if they were overlooked the first time around. The JuCo season is short and intense, and an important part of student life.

College football teams in many parts of the country rival professional teams in popularity and games draw enormous crowds. Many teams play in large stadiums, some of which can seat up to 100,000 supporters and which will be packed during national Bowl Championships.

In the US there are 890+ college varsity men’s football teams.

Placements – American Football

Guus van der Poel

Los Medanos College, 2018

Jim Aronds

Monmouth College, 2016

Thomas Odukoya

West Hills College, 2016

Edyon Batta

Southlands Christian Schools, 2016

Seppe Claes

West Hills College, 2015

Dylan Bakker

West Hills College, 2014

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