Paging Bibi Donraadt: Maryland Field Hockey star’s medical dreams

The typical offseason for a college student-athlete is full of training mixed with rest and recovery designed to combat the brutal grind ahead in the upcoming season. 

This summer was different. Athletes were getting their bodies ready not just by training but by getting vaccinated against COVID-19. 

While most Maryland student-athletes spent their summers receiving their vaccines, one also spent her time administering them. 

Maryland field hockey forward Bibi Donraadt returned home to her native Netherlands, where she volunteered to work at a vaccine clinic. “It was a very unique experience to say the least,” Donraadt said. “I really wanted to work at a hospital and I loved being able to help people especially in such a weird time like COVID. We gave out so many shots and helped so many people.” 

Donraadt has a reputation amongst her teammates as having a medical mind as she’s currently majoring in biological sciences and general biology.

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