Marina has been of great support to our son from the very moment our son started considering a gap year in the US to study and to play soccer in a junior college team. It’s not easy for a young student, and neither for the parents, to determine which college would be a great place to be for him or her.

There are many colleges, and colleges differentiate to quite an extent in style, in the value they attach to sports and study respectively, in ambition, etc.

Websites and documentation provide some answers, but we have felt lucky to have Marina as our guide throughout the total process of gathering information, making a plan, select a college, and get the application done. Very often, Marina would know the individual coaches or directors at various colleges, and could point at certain pro’s and con’s of the various colleges, competitions, and/or staff.

Marina’s ‘gently push’ proved very effective in getting our son to a timely choice, and timely submission of the application.

We particularly appreciated Marina’s immediate and unconditional help when our son decided half way the academic year to transfer to another college to play in a different soccer league.


Jaas Maaskant – Santa Rosa Junior College & Santa Barbara City College
2018 – Soccer (parent)

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