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In North America, when you talk about hockey, people assume you mean ice hockey. While a global sport, field hockey is played primarily in certain regions in the US – mainly New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. There is limited competition on the West Coast and Midwest but the sport is growing in popularity throughout the country.

Field hockey can be played at more than 300 colleges and universities, but is open to female players only. There are many opportunities to find a team to suit your skills and level, from top level high schools to Division 1, 2, or 3 collegiate teams.

Field hockey study abroad

Field hockey at high school level is played mainly via school teams, offering both Junior Varsity and Varsity opportunities. However, there are a growing number of external clubs, offering everything from recreational play to targeted college-level practice, especially on the East Coast.

Field hockey is a fall sport and the high school/college competition season is short and intense, beginning at the end of August and lasting until the middle of November.

College-level field hockey is only played at 4-year colleges and universities and is governed by the NCAA. In the US there are 280 college varsity women’s field hockey teams.


Webinar Field Hockey & Study in the USA

Is field hockey your passion and are you looking to combine sports with a study abroad? Are you curious about what studying at a high school, college or university involves?

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Isa Boertjes – Field Hockey

#Congrats to our student-athlete Isa Boertjes from the Netherlands who will be studying and playing field hockey in the USA as of Fall 2022.

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Sarah Bonthuis’ vlog: Life at Lehigh University

Hi!! I’m Sarah Bonthuis, a field hockey player at Lehigh University. After 3 months of summer break…. I’m back at school! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue the vlog, but here I am. This year I am a junior, fully back in person!

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Jenna Sluymer named to 2021-22 Division II Academic All-District 2 team at Large

Sluymer graduated as a double major in marketing and management with a 3.75 GPA. She played on both the field hockey and tennis varsity team.

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Placements – Field Hockey

Lisa Maxwell

Manhattanville College, 2014

Carline van Schijndel

Ohio State University, 2014

Iris Blom

Swarthmore College, 2013

Maartje Wicherink

Monmouth University, 2014

Fleur van Zuylen

St. Michael's College, 2012

Jennifer Pels

University of Louisville, 2013

Emilie Van Zinnicq Bergmann

University of Virginia, 2014

Isabelle van der Kaaij

University of Delaware, 2014

Marjolein Kerstjens

St. Michael's College, 2014

Willemijn van Schie

Old Dominion University, 2014

Megan Hut

Earlham College, 2013

Marina Hamming

Roanoke College, 2013

Marin Vreeburg

St. Joseph's University, 2013

Nadia de Vries

St. Joseph's University, 2013

Marianne Reddingius

St. Michael's College, 2012

Roos Nass

Long Island University in Post, 2012

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For our clients in the Tailored Program we offer the unique service of our field hockey mentoring program

The program entails:

  • Giving feedback on your footage
  • Discussing the different pathways to reach your ultimate goals
  • Informing you about what matters most to coaches
  • Building character / pitching yourself to coaches
  • Teaching you how to build up a relationship and trust with coaches
  • Preparing you for an interview with coaches
  • Setting up your personal sport development program
  • Deciding on the final choice of an athletic program based on your goals