Press Release 

Cooperation UStudy Sports with Ripped Coaching

The UStudy Sports team is excited to announce the addition of Strength and Conditioning Coach Julian Rip. Julian, a native of the Netherlands, is a certified CSCS Strength & Conditioning Coach and former Division 1 baseball player at University of South Carolina Upstate.

Julian will be working with UStudy athletes who want to take the next step towards playing on a high school or college team abroad. Using sport-specific programs, the athletes will be provided with an S&C schedule and instruction manual to help them optimize their performance training and personal fitness. There is also an option to request a personalized coaching plan from Julian’s company Ripped Coaching.

In the coming year, athletes from various disciplines will take their first steps towards playing sports in the US: American football, basketball, field hockey, baseball, softball, and soccer. Julian’s addition to the UStudy team will give all our sports clients the opportunity to better prepare for the next level of sports development they will experience in the US.

This unique collaboration is consistent with UStudy’s objective to offer professional guidance to its athletes and to help maximize their athletic readiness for the US. Regardless of their age, whether they play on a selection team or not, and independent of their playing level and ambitions.

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