Four years ago, our 15-year-old son with his great passion for baseball had the idea of playing baseball at a High School in America. So where do you start as a parent? Thanks to the good contact with Marina and her network, a list quickly emerged of various schools that were interested in a catcher who could hold his own. Ultimately, he chose The Brook Hill School in Bullard, Tyler Texas. A great private boarding school, where student-athlete life is very important. Thijs turned 16 and a month later he left for the new unknown, with his suitcases, catcher suit and a huge baseball bag. He had a great time playing baseball, the level was high on all fronts, but he has grown enormously as a catcher, and as a person and has made friends for life. In the summer of 2020 he obtained his High School Diploma and is now studying at Tyler Junior College where he will hopefully continue his trajectory to a University.