I can only give praise for Marina and her employees at UStudy. After hearing positive stories from acquaintances, we contacted Marina as our daughter was interested in studying and playing hockey in America. The initial contact was when our daughter was still in VWO 4, and as a result there was plenty of time to prepare. Good sports and personal resumes were written, and many tips received on how to make a sports film. In addition, UStudy arranges gatherings a few times a year, and during these you receive important information regarding insurances, financing, and possible pitfalls. At these meetings there were old students and their parents, who would share their experiences; we benefited greatly from these events. In this way it created the total picture of the wish to study and sport in America. Marina contacted various universities and paid good attention to the wishes of our daughter regarding the sort of university and hockey level. During meetings it was already clear to us that all students have different wishes and that it is really a personalized plan. Marina’s focused approach quickly generated enthusiasm from coaches who our daughter then had numerous skype meetings with, and at the end of VWO 5 she made the choice between 2 Ivy league universities. This was followed by many administrative tasks with deadlines, exams, essays, and many forms to complete. Also, help from teachers and management at school was required, often in English, and I am certain this would not have happened without the help of UStudy. In a few months it will be time, and our daughter will leave for Princeton University. To study at such a good university is a fantastic opportunity and our daughter is thankful to Marina and the other staff at UStudy for making it happen. But what also gives us peace, as parents, is that during her stay in America she can fall back on UStudy. Even then Marina and her co-workers are there for her!