We highly recommend Marina Meijer and UStudy if your child wants to play sports and study in America. At every step in the process, our daughter was very professionally guided. An individual client-oriented approach is given in which our daughter could contribute all her wishes, questions and feelings; Real customization. Whether it was practical matters, study questions, or coaching our daughter for conducting conversations and contract negotiations with the future coach. Everything went smoothly. It was wonderful to see how our daughter grew throughout the entire process and arranged her own affairs with increasing maturity. And we as parents have been increasingly comfortable being in the background. Marina has an enormous network and a lot of knowledge about both the academic and the sports world. That has been of great benefit to us. Marina easily builds a deep bond of trust and is always enthusiastic and accurate. Even now that our daughter is in America, she knows Ustudy will help if she is stuck with something. Despite Covid 19 and the limited physical contact possibilities, we have experienced the super good guidance as very personal. We look back on it with warm feelings and look forward to what happens next. Go Cards!