Rachel Hylarides - Application Adviser, Writing Coach and Translator

British Rachel, our Application Adviser, has worked in post-secondary education and training  since 1995. She studied Education at Portsmouth University, and taught Health and Science related subjects at Southdowns College in Hampshire, England. As well as lecturing, she was also a college mentor, guiding and helping students prepare for their future careers or continuing education. In addition, she is a qualified NVQ Assessor and Internal Verifier for government training schemes. In this role she was responsible for training and assessing students in their vocational programs, and ensuring occupational standards set by the Ministry of Education were achieved.

Since 2015 Rachel has worked as an application adviser for UStudy and has helped hundreds of students apply to schools, colleges and universities in the USA. Her role is to assist the student and their family during the entire application procedure.

Rachel is a native English speaker and she has a good command of the Dutch language.

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