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Partnership Future Star Baseball Academy and UStudy Sportes

On 1 June 2021, Future Star Baseball Academy and UStudy Education Consultancy entered into a unique partnership to give all youth players the opportunity to further their baseball development and gain experience playing in the United States. This collaboration means that the Academy will make use of UStudy’s knowledge and expertise regarding study and baseball opportunities at the American high school and college level, their many years of experience placing Dutch baseball players, and their huge network of coaches in the US. Experience has proven that there is a suitable place for every level of player in the US.

Any player over the age of 15 who is curious about their options in the US and enrolls in the “Go USA Get Recruited Program” at the Academy will provide video material and stats to the Academy. The player will then receive a list of coaches in the US who would like to get in touch with him to discuss a place on their team. The Academy will provide its own baseball advice and vision to the player for the most appropriate options. The costs for participating in the program are 750 euros incl. VAT. If the player wishes, UStudy can also support the player with the next steps – helping with the school application in the US, securing a visa, etc. Academy players will also receive a discount on this support package.

This unique collaboration is in line with Future Star Baseball Academy’s own development in the further professionalization of youth players and supporting them in on their “Way to the Top”. By engaging with UStudy, the Academy can provide players and parents with expert information about the many baseball and academic opportunities in the US, funding options, NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA eligibility, etc. The Academy will have its own international development program, a unique commodity in the Netherlands.

The Academy management is happy with the collaboration: “We can now offer all our players an extra component, which increases their international possibilities through our Academy. UStudy has been successful in advising and placing youth players in the US for 16 years and with their vast knowledge, experience, and network in the US we can serve all interested youth players. This is regardless of whether you play on a selection team or not, regardless of your baseball and academic ambitions, and regardless of how long you want to be in the US.”

The initial duration of the partnership will be three years. UStudy will offer an annual information webinar especially for Academy players and parents. Cooperation in other areas is currently under discussion.

If you would like more information or want to sign up for the Go USA Get Recruited Program contact Shurty Tremus. Email:, tel. +31 6 2718 6944.

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