If you are exploring the options regarding a study in the United States, please do refer to Marina and ask her to represent you during the process of orientation and application.

Marina is a top professional. First and foremost she is a caring mother herself and hence well aware of the sensitivities and emotions that come with the process of sending your son or daughter overseas.

That being said, she is determined to deliver results. She has a keen eye for the individual interest of the student and acts as a trusted counsel.

She is able to manage expectations friendly and professionally and she is actively in control of the process. She has over the years developed a fabulous network in the US and clearly knows her way around there.

Please don’t underestimate the added value she brings in helping you to make a happy landing in the US.


Olle Verschoof – Drew Univeristy
2014 – Tennis (parent)

Are you interested in playing sports and studying abroad?