Grant Parr - Mental Performance Coach

American Grant Parr is a highly regarded Mental Performance Coach, keynote speaker, podcast host, former Division II quarterback, and author, whose clients are Olympians, Olympic coaches, professional athletes, Division I & II collegiate athletes/teams, business executives, and Fortune 500/1000 sales organizations.
Parr, who recently released his first book The Next One Up Mindset: How to Prepare for the Unknown, which is becoming highly regarded as a must-read within the athletic and workplace domains.
Grant has drawn upon his unique experiences as an athlete, coach, and sales leader to create the 90% Mental podcast that provides a window into a broad range of athletes’ and coaches’ mental game, and where they share their insights into their journeys around mental performance.
Grant believes that athletes today can’t afford to be just an amazing athlete physically. What separates the good from the elite is mental performance. Mental performance training is a commitment. Grant’s own commitment to his clients is to provide results-driven mental skills training that addresses mindset, leadership, and culture within an individual, team, and workshop setting. Areas of specialty and focus are mindset enhancement, mindfulness, focus and awareness, mental imagery, emotional control, success management, etc.


Training with Grant Parr taught me how to stay calm when the pressure is on. His focus on breathing helped me perform better in games.” –Joost Voogd – Baseball