Club Sports at Colleges & Universities 


Club sports are a great way to meet new people, stay fit and have fun.

Are you considering joining a club sports team at the college or university you’ll be attending? You’re not the only one. Club sports are incredibly popular and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Competitive – often the same sports are offered at NCAA/NAIA level but without the same time commitment
  • Play against other colleges or universities in the region or even nationally
  • More relaxed than varsity sports and easier to combine with class schedule, with usually 2-3 practice sessions a week
  • Enjoy a competitive level that could sometimes be at a higher athletic level than certain varsity sport teams
  • There are more sport disciplines in club sports than varsity sports
  • Represent your college/university and show school spirit

Club sports do not have varsity status and are not governed by the NCAA/NAIA or other athletic associations. Members are not recruited and teams might require try-outs, depending on the level. No academic or amateurism eligibility rules are in place for playing club sports. Member fees pay for uniforms and travel but colleges/universities often sponsor teams and may allow use of facilities. Club teams are usually run by students – you can volunteer to be part of club management, act as assistant coach, organize tournaments, etc. Being involved in club sports can be a great leadership experience!


The variety of club sports on offer at a college/university depends on the size of the institution and are often the same as the varsity sports on offer. However, many niche sports can be offered too, as long as two colleges in the area are competing in that club sport. Think about sports like Quidditch, tug of war, or paintball.

You can find information about club sports on the college/university website. Does the college/university you plan to attend not offer the sport you’d like to play? Send a proposal and maybe you can start a new club team!

Contact us at UStudy if you are interested in playing club sports and we would be happy to search for and introduce you to club sport teams that could be a great fit for you.

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