Created in 1891 as a game to keep track athletes in shape during the winter months, basketball is now arguably one of the most popular team sports in the US.

High schools across the country will have both boys’ and girls’ teams, at Junior Varsity and Varsity level. High school teams in certain parts of the country can enjoy a large and enthusiastic following. Thousands of young hopefuls vie for a spot on a college team every year, so the competition is fierce.

Prep schools and junior colleges are a good option for youth players who are looking to increase their chances of getting into a good college basketball program. A prep school environment can give you an extra year to mature physically. Top junior college programs are comparable to the same level that players will get at a 4-year institution.

In the US there are 1,900+ college men’s and women’s varsity basketball teams.

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Placements – Basketball

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Juri Todorovic

Frank Phillips College, 2012

Anders Bybjerg

Illinois Institute of Technology, 2013

Ernest Huizing

Worcester State University, 2013

Daan Mutsaers

Foothill College, 2012

Christian Bybjerg

Foothill College, 2012

Thomas Bybjerg

Gettysburg College, 2012

Najee Gordon

College of the Desert, 2013

Sander van der Veen

New Hampshire Technological Institute, 2010